Pricetitution is for 3 or more players that can read, write, and have 30 minutes. It's easy to play with just four steps: 

1. Meet the Pricetitute

Someone draws a price tag card. Congrats, you're the "Pricetitute," and will now read the question to the group: "How much money would it take me to let someone look through my phone and share anything they want?"


2. Question Your Friend(ship)

For 1 minute-ish, the group asks the Pricetitute any questions about the card. This helps to guess what the Pricetitute will answer and also judge their worth as a human. For example, "Have you ever taken a naked selfie?" "Would you show us the last picture you took?" or "Do you delete incriminating texts?"


3. Turn Friends Into Numbers

Everyone, including the Pricetitute, writes down the lowest possible dollar amount they think it would take the Pricetitute to do what the card says. 


4. Reveal Prices, Argue


Everyone shares their prices and the closest guess to the Pricetitute's answer wins the question card (1 point). Then all players argue and judge each other's reasoning even though it doesn't matter at this point. First to 4 wins.


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