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You're a Pricetitute.

Made from conversations you already have.

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"We'd been playing this for years. They just made it a game."

- Anonymous Pricetitute

"I've learned things about my mother I can't unlearn." 

- Anonymous Pricetitute

"No, I wouldn't suck someone's toe for $20. But 50 bucks is 50 bucks."

- Anonymous Pricetitute

"How am I supposed to show some of these cards to my friends?"

- Cindy, Pricetitution creator's mom

"We LOVED it. The whole team was cracking up and we all felt that we got to know each other MUCH better."


Your friends like it.

In its 30-day crowdfunding campaign on, Pricetitution hit its goal on day 1, ultimately reaching nearly 700 backers and raising over $23,000.

And we've received media love from...

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This first edition was created for adults (friends, family, etc.), but is easily adaptable for a younger audience by removing a few cards. 

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