Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some questions we get asked occassionally...

Is this actually fun? - Yes. 

How many people can play? -  3 minimum, up to however many friends you (claim to) have. (For date night, you can also play 1-on-1 and just see how close you can guess to each other's prices - it's all about the discussions anyway!) 

How long does it take to play? - From 30 minutes to hours and hours. It depends on how in depth those conversations get :)

Can I play this with my kids? - Yup. This first edition was originally created for adults (friends, family, etc. 16+), but is easily adaptable for a younger audience by removing a few cards (about 15 to be specific). It just really depends on a player's specific age, maturity level, and your overall comfort discussing some "weird" stuff :) While there is some funny adult-focused content, the game is not overly gross, sexual, etc., like other games out there. Instead, the questions were purposefully all created focusing on having fun conversations, with a range for all your different sides/moods.

Are the questions really gross? - Please see "Can I play this with my kids" above :) 

Do the cards get repetitive or "used up" once you know someone's price?  -
Nope, we tested that. Sometimes you get the same card, but will have a different answer. Since many cards refer to the people you're with ("the person to my left"), what you're doing next week, or the last thing you ate, you can play again and again.