A Card Game on Shark Tank 

It's true. Pricetitution steps into Shark Tank on Sunday, 4/14 at 10pm ET (9pm CT), and we couldn't be more excited. Make sure to watch it right from the start because we'll be first into the Tank that night...

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Shark Tank's 10th season

Official shark Tank ABC image here of us/Sharks

Airing on ABC now in its 10th season, Shark Tank is the critically acclaimed and multi-Emmy Award-winning reality show for entrepreneurs. With over $100 million in deals offered in the Tank to date, the show brings on multi-millionaire and billionaire investors like:

These Sharks consider putting their own money into services, products, and now the possibility for the first Shark Tank card game investment. 

Catch our episode on Sunday, 4/14 at 10ET/9CT 

For now, we (legally) can't say too much, but promise it's going to be interesting as we're the first into the Tank that night. So make sure to watch on Sunday, 4/14 to see if Pricetitution is more of a Mark, Barbara, Kevin, Rohan, or Lori card game...or if we'll leave the Tank with nothing at all...

Get a game today before they're gone!